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Creating a new Reality

Your mind is independent of it's input. It is true that the inputs that we allow ourselves to be exposed to will have a significant input to how we think. However, we have the right to veto any bad thoughts. In fact, we have the ability to conjure up completely new realities.

This may sound a little crazy. But hopefully I can explain it in a way that conveys my thoughts clearly. I am not making the assertion that you will change the universe and bend it around at your will. I guess that could potentially be possible but as far as I know, this isn't the case. What I am saying is that what you believe about your reality is (to you) actual reality regardless of what everyone else's reality is. If you truly believe it then it is real.

The hard part about shifting our mind is that it cannot be fooled. We have certain beliefs that if we try to change them then we will find it very hard to do so. So, you must find half truths within what you want to change and start there. Gradually, how you see that situation should be able to change and you will be able to find exponentially more evidence to support your new theory that you would like to shape.

Take the time to tell yourself the alternate reality that you want to create often. Many people will use meditation to imagine these alternate realities. It is important that as you tell yourself these new truths that you actually believe them or at least try to find how they could be true.

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