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The Obstacle is the Path

We often times look towards the future and long for the day that we finally arrive at our goals. There are obstacles along the way that seem to prevent us from getting to that place of happiness and success. We want the path to be free of roadblocks so that we can easily get to the end of that journey and then live in a state of bliss. But, as the Zen proverb goes, 'the obstacle is the path.'

What if you were to look at obstacles with excitement and openness? I think you might find that the path through those obstacles is just as blissful (if not more) than actually arriving. I would argue that a large majority of people look at obstacles in a negative way. However, I would say that it makes sense to look at them as a great opportunity.

Obstacles clearly identify an opportunity for growth for oneself. Every time we hit one of these roadblocks we should face it head on and see where it leads us. If confronted properly, an obstacle will likely lead you to learning more about yourself whether it is a grandiose or marginal insight. Therefore, I believe that the journey truly is the part of life to focus your attention on.

To add on top of this idea, I'd like you to look around your life and all the people in it. From your relatives to the strangers at the supermarket, they are all on a similar journey. They are all existing and working on their own current obstacles at this very moment. No other moment. This one right now is all that is available to you or them. Now think of how amazing it is that you and they get to be on this journey together. Even more amazingly, we are able to reach out to each other and work together as we try to navigate this world. For that, I feel extremely humbled and grateful to have that opportunity.

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