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Unprecedented Love and Compassion

Yesterday as I sat at a restaurant I observed two girls walking by. One was a pretty girl in her young 20's who had a slight "Hot Topic style" and the other was a girl of the same age but had male's clothing on and a short haircut. It was apparent at that time that these two girls were likely in a relationship. I didn't have any derogatory connotations towards this thought so it was a simple observation that I made and then went about the eating of my meal as they passed by.

A few minutes later I observed the two again. They were now across the street standing and talking; likely debating their next move since they were stagnant. I then looked at the two through a new lens. I saw two girls who likely had difficult moments in their past with dealing with their decision to date within their same gender. I was instantly struck with great empathy. It was as if I could feel all those struggles that the two went through. This brought a slight tear to my eye as I felt their sorrow.

Almost immediately after, I looked to my left and to my right where people were conversing. I realized they were not so different than the two girls that I just observed. I had the realization that everyone else around me has their own struggles in their lives. This brought me deep sorrow in an empathetic way.

The point that I am trying to make here isn't about sexuality nor am I purposely trying to be negative. My point is related more closely to the observation of the Buddhist idea that life has suffering. It was a reminder to the idea that suffering comes in many different forms and people all have their own concerns that they have to deal with.

The people that you interact with are not as perfect as your imagination makes it seem. They are struggling in their own way. Therefore, I ask that you take the extra effort (even if it may seem weird) to shower people with an abnormal amount patience, compassion, and love as you interact with them throughout the day.

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